Monday, December 31, 2007

The life and times of oh seven

It was an interesting year, and in the end I can say that it was a good yea. It brought about a great deal of change in my life - a move to Ames, a return to academia, a new Church, new friends, new places to run and so forth. For this year-in-review I thought I would share some of my favorite moments/experiences of my life in oh seven.

- Buying my Asics 2120's. It started me off on a running kick that brought me out of my winter slump. Does it ever thaw in January? Maybe if you're running three miles several times a week.
- March Madness. While following it with my basketball-loving coworker Ryan was intense, it was all the more fun watching it with Jennifer. At the time she was house-sitting at a place that not only had a huge projection HD-tv with stadium seating and leather couches, but it also had a hot tub. It was a great few weeks.
- The Moss/Pai event. It's always good to see the 104 fam, but to travel to Wisconsin, to see the Grabhers, to see Ush and Steph in from London, all of it was very much a good time.
- Seeing Wilco in Davenport with Chris and Katie. Was it the Hoover Highway, the company, the face-melting Nels Cline solos, or the presence of Jeff Tweedy that made this an amazing road trip? Definitely a combo of all of the above.
- Meeting Senator Obama on Independence Day and getting my picture taken with he, Monica and myself.
- The Portland trip. Long overdue and too short. I miss my friends and that city often, and to return, if only for a short while, was beautiful.
- Moving to Ames. I was bold in moving, I was nervous and underwhelmed at first, and now I love it.
- The Iowa State cross country course. I fell in love with the course in September, even though it may have tried to kill me.
- Homecoming/Chicago Marathon. It was intensely hot, but that didn't stop us from having a great weekend [or from Steph finishing the twenty-six point two].
- David Bazan with sir Brandon Mick. Brandon and I seem to always miss each other. Like right now, he's in Iowa and I'm in Chicago, but mostly it's vice versa since he is living in Chicago. It was a weekend of theological discussions and episodes of Arrested Development. And of course, Bazan himself.
- Brothers K. It took a while for me to get into it, but once I did I loved it. Definitely my favorite book that I read this year.
- The London Underground. It's close to the Wilson house, they have darts and through it I was introduced to Franziskaner. Though I've only been four or five times, I already have some great moments there.
- The Jewish books. The past three books that I've read: Everything is Illuminated, My Name is Asher Lev, and The Gift of Asher Lev. I think it will be weird when I start The Hobbit within the next few days, I'll miss the strong Jewish themes and learning about Hasidic culture.
- 5000 on tour. Yes, I love Rock Band, but I'll only play when Steph lets me - I promise.

A good year indeed, and I have a feeling that oh eight, despite the political strife, will be another wonderful year of friends, books, running, music and who knows what. I look forward to the beautiful unknown of a new year. you have my love.

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