Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best Aught yet

They said the aughts were over. Not so, I say. And I would go on to say this, "Aught-ten: best Aught yet!" Aught-ten was pretty much the best year ever [...thus far]. I mean, I've had some pretty awesome years [Aught-two, Aught-five, etc.], but this year has them beat handsdown. Handsdown! I'm sure, being avid readers, you realize why I would say that: I fell in love, kissed a girl, liked it, asked her to marry me, and started getting ready for the biggest adventure of my life so far [marriage]. So, pretty darn exciting.

Other reasons that this year was so very amazing: Beardenzia was not founded in Aught-ten, but it certainly developed a firm foundation through the deepening of my friendships with Ryan and Derek and the explorations of New Beardenzia. The weddings of Aught-ten were a ton of fun. I saw Yo La Tengo live in concert. I graduated college [again]. I've come to deeper realizations of what it means for me to be a man, and a Godly man at that - scary but important stuff. Sarah got to meet some of the 104ians. I read the entire Ender's Game series - it's really long, but I made it. I ran a couple of races; nothing like a few years back when I was really running, but it's a good start to what could be a resurgence. Some great friends had some great babies, quite a few actually.

I could go on, but honestly I'll just save myself from getting ahead of myself, because I get the feeling that Aught-eleven will be better and far more adventurous than I will ever recall Aught-ten to be. Thanks Aught-ten, you've been grand, I shall always remember you so very well. you have my love.

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