Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorites of Aught-ten

I didn't get to listen to every new album like Andrew, or see every new movie like Josh, or read many books like Monica, but I listened and saw and read some stuff that I really liked this year, so here's a brief list of my favorites of Aught-ten, in some-particular order:

Tallest Man on Earth "The Wild Hunt" - I just got this with one of my many iTunes giftcards, so it gets on the list, but low on the list. Andrew recommended it and he's a pretty tall and smart guy. So far it really is enjoyable.

Toy Story 3 - I didn't go to many movies this year, but you gotta say that TS3 was pretty great.

Belle & Sebastian "Write About Love" - I love my Scottish indie pop. I don't pay much attention to music releases anymore, but I was somewhat surprised that B&S released an album, I thought they had called it quits. But I'm glad they didn't and this album is fun and poppy and Scottish, I really do love their music.

Ender's Game complete series - I read it all. Ender's Game, Ender in Exile, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and, finally, Children of the Mind. It was long, and somewhat good - some parts better than others. I first read Ender's Game when I was in fourth or fifth grade, and I recall reading parts of the other books in middle school, but really I didn't get it. At all. Now that I'm older I wanted to reread them all, and this time I got "it" and it made me want to experience intergalactic space travel. Shortly after finishing the series someone suggested the Ender's Shadow series, but I certainly think that a long break from Ender is in order. Maybe next summer?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part one - I like HP, and I've enjoyed the movies, but this one was really well done. It stuck with the book pretty well, and the look of the movie was great.

Inception - Yep, it's really good. I wonder if in ten years I will look back at Inception and feel the way I feel about The Matrix after ten years. I suppose that depends on if they make sequels [please no].

Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More" - A British Avett Brothers, which, is really quite awesome. I hope they stick around.

Brown ale - I realize this isn't a media item like everything else. Also, I've liked brown ales for a while, but this year I think they moved to numero uno on my favorite type of beers list.

Sufjan Stevens "All Delighted People" - I know a lot of people have "Age of Adz" on top or near the top of their albums of the year list, and I realize that it's really good, but I just don't enjoy listening to it [kind of like Tom Waits]. Maybe it will grow on me. Anyway, "All Delighted People" is great. I like the departure from his previous sound [maybe this was a transition EP to prepare us for "Age of Adz"], the rockness of it is, dare I say, delightful.

The River Why - I finally finished it. I started Why a couple of years back but got distracted and then relegated it for something else. Anyway, it's great read, as seen on a previous post.

Chuck - When I lived in the Wilson House in Ames, I lived with this guy who happened to work for Geek Squad, and he watched Chuck, but I never got into it. With Lost over and BSG finished, I "needed" another show to fill my television time [other than the standards: House, 30 Rock, Community] and Chuck stepped in quite well. I'm halfway through season two and am looking forward to Chuck's super-spyness. Honorable mention in the television category: Psych, 'cause it's quite funny.

Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" - I don't think that my first full listen to "The Suburbs" was over before I had named it my favorite album of the year. I think it's great. I think a huge part of it was that shortly before it came out I had just moved from the near-heart [liver?] of Des Moines to the very western edge of West Des Moines. Down the block is a bean field that within a few years will be more tan and beige homes, just like the one I live in. I don't mean to diss Dave's house, but Arcade Fire's story of the suburban culture is one that I'm a part of, not that I necessarily enjoy being part of it - but that's where I am, and it's where I grew up. That is to say that this I resonate with the album. So, the high quality of the album and my resonation with it easily push it to number one for the year.

I'm hoping to maybe have Wilco and Radiohead albums, a Wes Anderson or Josh Overbay films on the list next year. Get it done guys. you have my love.

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