Monday, June 20, 2011

100 Days

Today, Monday June twentieth, marks the occasion of Sarah and I having been married for 100 days. So, much like the work of the President of the United States does in their first 100 days is graded, I feel these first 100 days of marriage ought to be graded as well. Let's hope this exercise doesn't get me impeached.

It all started off with the wedding of the year (no offense to the four other wonderful friend-couples who were married or are getting married this year). There was joy, sunlight, smiles, tears, an almost hyperventilating groom, a RADIANT bride, beards, mustaches, Jimmy Eat World, Star Wars, feasting, dancing, mooses, car trashing/decorating, singing, toasting and kissing. It was great. It still seems a bit surreal, but I'm pretty positive all of it actually occurred.

And then there was the honeymoon. I'll spare you most of the details, but we did go to my parents' farm. Which, sounds weird, but their house is more like a loft and it sits on some a hundred and sixty acres with not a soul around for miles. Except the occasional, awkwardly met visitor (on farm business). We had a fire going (ahem, in the wood-burning stove) the entire time, and we ate wonderful food prepared and frozen by Sarah's friend Bethany, we walked in the woods, we watched movies (including all the Star Wars in one day, and nearly the entire Lord of the Rings (extended versions!) series in another day), and we lounged around a lot. It was fantastic. Really. We did so very little, and it was perfect.

And then we went home. And once we had unpacked a bit, opened our gifts, hung out with friends, we began the real life of a married couple. And, thus far, it has been everything we expected it to be. We've had some incredibly frustrating phases, we've had incredibly amazing phases and everything in between. Marriage has presented itself to be the ultimate learning experience in dying to myself. Learning to choose something for Sarah's sake and not mine, listening and not be defense, being okay with having differing opinions, doing chores so Sarah doesn't have to, and on and on and on.

I've really enjoyed these past 100 days, and I know Sarah does too. But it really lives up to what I kept saying (and Josh said during his toast): it isn't easy, but it's good. And it's fun. And hard. And hysterical, stressful, painful, emotional, joyful, full of serving and learning and humbling yourself. But above all, it's good - after all, it is a gift from God. One that I'm truly thankful for. Love you Sarah, happy 100 days anniversary*.

Also, if you read this, let me know and I'll go ahead and count this as writing your thank you note**. you have my love.

* I believe the appropriate 100 day anniversary gift is a Dairy Queen Blizzard.
** Unfortunately this is just a joke, and we still have (literally) a gazillion thank yous to write.

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