Saturday, November 05, 2011


Nine years ago I decided to start a blog. Why? I had a lot of seemingly important things to say, a lot of time to spend writing, a lot of my friends were doing it and it was fun. There have been seasons were I kept writing when it wasn't fun; there were times when I wrote out of obligation, when I had nothing to say, I kept it going. Then I fell in love, forgot about my blog, got married, continued to forget about my blog and now here I am. These days I have very little time to write and when I do I feel like my thoughts aren't that important to share. Maybe that's the draw of Twitter.

I'm tempted just to say, "hey, we've had a good run, let's call it a day." But I can't, I just can't. It's my stubborn nature to say that I will someday resurrect this blog to the glory of its former days. Or someday I'll have kids and post cute pictures of them here. Another reason that I'm not shutting this blog down is that I believe in words. Whether it's one-hundred-and-forty characters on Twitter or run-on-paragraphs on this blog, I like words. Somehow I feel like Facebook or Google+ just don't allow for the words posted there to be read amongst the clutter of their games and ads and blah blah blah. So, for the Nth time, I'm committing to keep this blog alive, for you, for me, for my memory, for my kin.

For now I'll leave you with a life update [for the very few of you who read this and the even fewer of you who don't see me often]. I have a new job at the same law firm. I won't bore you with the details, but I push paper in their foreclosure department, it isn't great, but it's better than the warehouse. Sarah and I bought a piano last weekend. It's a beautiful instrument and fills the house with wonderful music, and it brings joy to Sarah's piano-loving heart. It prompted me to put new strings on my guitar after six or seven years of not changing them. Yikes. I ran a half-marathon and despite feeling like I was going to die, I finished it in exactly the time I expected to [2:12]. Training for it really rekindled my love for running; I'm hoping that love survives this winter. So, life is good, I love it, and maybe I'll love it enough to share it more often on this here nine-year old blog. Happy birthday blog! you have my love.

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Laura said...

I related so much to each and every word here. I think you're right -- it's time to dust off the ol' blogspot! I'm trying to keep mine updated, even if it's only just a passing thought or photo. I've become accustomed to the ease of Facebook/Twitter/Google+ posting - but there are times (many times) when 140 characters just isn't enough. (PS - do you still live in Portland? I live in NoPo) (this is mydogischelsea, btw.)